How To End The Shining Object Syndrome — The Ultimate Guide

  • Can’t achieve your goals.
  • Are easily distracted and constantly trying new things.
  • Jump from one idea to another without implementation.
  • Spend excessive time on social media and checking emails without enhancing your life.
  • Enroll in an online course only to stop midway and start another one.
  • Buy every offer that comes your way, including things you do not truly need.
  • Buy and don’t use any of the products, for example, e-books, software, plugins, to mention but a few.
  • Make long trips down rabbit holes found in your email inbox.

Loss of money

Lack of focus and productivity

Abandoning plans

Guaranteed failure

1. Don’t be quick to dive into a new product

2. Remember not to turn a blind eye to what you already have

3. Learn to study something and stick with it for at least three months

4. New things are not always better than old ones.

5. Unsubscribe to email newsletters that don’t add value to you

6. Capture SOS for later

  • · Microsoft OneDrive
  • · Google Drive
  • · Dropbox

7. Take charge of social media usage and emails

8. Beware of once a lifetime offers

9. Learn to filter the noise



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Godfrey Mutale

Godfrey Mutale

Hi, I’m Godfrey, a freelance writer, and content marketer.